Monday, March 3, 2014

Transfers--staying here

The transfers came in.  Everyone stayed the same except the Zone Leaders are going to leave. They are going to split our area again, 2 sister missionaries are going to come to this ward. 6 missionaries for one ward, it is very rare to have that happen. Our area got shrunk quite a bit and the baptisms that we were going to have are going to go to the Sister Missionaries.  I learned that it is not all about the numbers, what is important is that they get baptized. The truth is that our area is going to be pretty hard, we are going to work very very hard and we are going to have success.  Right now we don´t have too many people in our area, but we are going to find them. After this transfer I am going to have 6 months in Nueva Galicia and in April I am going to complete one year of my mission. I have learned so much on my mission. I will press forward with Faith and find these people in our area that are ready for us. I might only have four areas in my mission, but that is okay. I enjoy this area a lot. I hope Daniel has a great birthday and that all is well. Is there something more that I should write about, or any questions that you have for me?  Take Care
Love Elder Cannon 

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