Monday, March 31, 2014

One year

am so excited for General Conference.  I cannot believe that it has already been six months and I am really excited to see what God tells us in the conference. That is a great idea to help people study their scriptures, I am going to have to do it when I get home from my mission. This week I am going to fulfill one year on my mission.  I feel happy and different.  I am half way done! I know that once time starts dwindling down there is no way that I am going to want to go home. But I am going to have to do it. It is going to be so weird to see how much that everyone has changed and to be in a different country. Mexico is so much different from the United States.  Everything is a lot easier in the United States. Is is true that a lot of the missionaries in the United States have iPads to Preach the Gospel? I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church and that it can change our lives, only if we want and allow it to. I have truly changed, and I will keep changing. I can not express all of the blessings that I have received on my mission and all of the help that God has given me, and how much he is willing to help us if we allow him to.  I still remember when I was really new when I first entered the field, I had no idea what I was doing. I have come a really long way since then.Wow, it seems just like yesterday. 

Jacob is going to turn 17 years old!  holy mackerel I flat out cannot believe it. That is so crazy, I remember when he had just turned 16 and now he is already 17 years old.  Jacob will do great working at JC´s. That is really awesome that Joey and Haley are sealed in the temple. 

This week the new family that we found went to church and I am really happy for them. They are progresing a lot and even though I won´t be around when they get baptized I was really happy to be able to teach them. They are so special and so ready to accept the gospel. We have had Family Home Evening´s, they have invited us to eat dinner with them, we have a great bond with them. The work has gotten a lot better and my district is starting to get a good amount of success. I am really excited to be here and I can´t believe that in two weeks we are going to have transfers. I am going to have six months in Nueva Galicia, I am going to have one year of my mission in only two areas, that is pretty insane. Thanks for your letter and for all of the support that you have given me while I have been on my mission. Talk to you next week.
Love Elder Cannon

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