Monday, September 15, 2014

More rain and baptism

Thanks for the letter, we had a really good week. It has been raining a little bit.  We have kept working, but if they tell us we have to stay in the house then we will do it. Israel, the son of Rosalia(who got baptized three weeks ago) got baptized this Saturday! It was a really special baptism and a lot of people went to go see it. It was really powerful to hear his mother Rosalia testify and express how happy she is for her son. Elder Tapia baptized him. We have been having a lot of really spritual experiences. We found a new investigador who went to church all by herself, and told us that she wants us to teach her. Her boyfriend is an ex-missionary.  She is 20 years old and he is 31! Her boyfriend talked to me on the phone and he told me to do my best and that his exaltation was in my hands.  I thought that was so funny. This persona is called Alicia.  She is really bright and learns really fast.  God is blessing us so much and has helped us to find His children who are ready to accept the Gospel. It sounds like everything is going good back home, I wish the best for you guys and hope that you have a great week. I love you!

Love Elder Cannon 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The weather this week did cool down.   In the beginning of the week it did rain.   For a few hours we couldn´t leave our house because of the rain.  That sounds like a fun missionary activity that you guys had. This week we had divisiones with my old companion from Rosario(Elder Hernandez), it was so awesome to be together with him again.  He kept telling me that he cannot believe how much that I have changed on my Mission. This week was honestly a hard one for us.  We worked really hard and found a lot of new people to teach, but nobody went to church. I was a little disappointed, but I am really motivated to get them to church next week. We have got a baptism for every Saturday for the next three weeks lined up.  We hope and pray that all goes to plan and that we can follow through and get her done. My District is working really hard and I am really proud of them! I cannot believe how fast this transfer went by.  Three more weeks and then it is finished.   I really enjoy training, and I hope that I stay with my companion for another transfer, but we will see what happens! Have a fantastic week!

Love Elder Cannon  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet my companion

Thanks for the letter, it was really nice to hear that everyone is doing great back home. This week was a superb week, we had a lot of success! Rosalia who just got baptized, went to the temple this week end.  I know that it was such a great experience for her. Elder Tassainer was able to be baptized for Rosalia`s son that died. This gospel is so wonderful and it is perfect. Rosalia and her sister Marisol shared their testimonies and experience in the temple, it was so special to hear that. It touched my heart! We worked and worked with the members, that is the only way to have success is through the members. Not just to have a little success, but to have a lot of success! I actually really like training.  It helps if you have a good companion. My companion is the son of a Stake President. He is really bright and I am trying to do all that I can to help him to be the greatest missionary, a lot better than I am. Life is perfect, we are seeing a lot of miracles.  I am so pumped to work! Thanks for the letter.  Have a great week! I love you!

Love Elder Cannon  
Here is a picture the day I picked up my new companion.
Here are some  pictures from our baptism last week.
Many of these people are from the  family Aragon.  and several are investigators.
 Below is Rosalia at her baptism.

P.S.  Here is another email and picture from Sister Tassainer (Senior Missionary)
Your son, Elder Cannon, is an excellent teacher, and hard worker.  His humility and love of the Mexican people and other missionaries make him an outstanding missionary .