Monday, February 24, 2014

This week we had a great miracle

This week we had great miracle.  Thirteen less active members came to church from our area.   I was so happy to see all of them in the church. I felt so good to see some fruits from all of our efforts that we do here.  We might have a baptism this Saturday, of our investigator who lived in Utah for many years, listened to the missionaries, and was going to be baptized, but she had to return to Culiacan, and she really wants to get baptized.

 This could be my last week in Nueva Galicia.  In one week there are transfers.   It will be hard to leave, but that is life. This week was very rewarding and I am excited to Preach The Gospel, and to work hard. I heard about Jared's mission call to Mexico.  That is so awesome.  He is going to make such a fantastic missionary. Take Care, Have a Great Week!
Love Elder Cannon   

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My camera is back!

 I am doing really good.  Elder Pinedo told me that he found my camera in his suitcase. I don´t know how it got there, but I am really grateful that it is finally found. I was starting to lose a little bit of my faith that I was going to find it, but God sure showed me. It is so very hot here (95 degrees today).  I am sweating like crazy and I can´t believe how hot it is for February.

 In the ward there are four missionaries, we brought a total of 12 less active members at church. We brought 6 and they brought 6. I was able to interview an investigator of the zone leaders.(I blanked out a little bit and I wrote the past two sentences in Spanish on accident) She is very special and her baptism was very spiritual and special. On Sunday the person that I baptized Humberto received the Aaronic Priesthood?  It was very special. The members are inviting the family to have Family Home Evenings, and helping them to have the goal to be sealed together in one year. The ward has been so great with this family. I couldn´t ask for anything more on my mission.  I am very content and happy with the work. Have a great week! I love you guys!
Love Elder Cannon     

P.s.  I received the package with all the valentine notes from everyone, which I really enjoyed. I am also excited to play UNO.  The package made me feel loved and I was really happy to receive it. Thanks a lot for the package.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Testimony meeting

Wow dad is 47 years old, that is crazy! So Jacob´s first date--  I wish I could have been there to see it. It seemed like it went well and it was fun. This week we were preparing the family that were baptized in January to share their testimonies this week. On Sunday all four of them went up and shared great testimonies. It touched my heart so strongly, it also touched the hearts of many of the members. Even though none of our investigators showed up this week, I felt the Spirit a lot. We had a lot of great numbers this week. The work is very wonderful. We had a handful of spiritual experiences this week and we are excited to go to work this week. Tomorow we are going to have our zone meeting. I will probably receive the package that you sent me tomorow. The work is going good, we are going to keep working hard to find families that are ready to accept the gospel in their lives.    

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Glad I didn't see Super Bowl

That is so awesome that you guys are going on trek, I loved Trek, I remember that my parents were the Napoli family, you guys are going to love trek. I changed a lot on Trek, it was a lot of fun. Jacob and Isaac are going to love it.
That food looked amazing for the superbowl. It sounds like the Broncos got spanked.  It is a good thing that I wasn´t there to see it. This week a lot of Less Active Members went to church and this made me very happy. This week was a little difficult, but we are going to continue working hard to bring more investigators to church. The work is good and satisfying and we have got a lot of it to do. I took some money out of my account to buy a new pair of shoes, my Rockwell are used to the bone. Eight new areas are going to open in this mission, my companion says that I am going to open a new area and train a new missionary, that would be really hard but if that is the will of God I will do it. The future looks really bright, and we are going to continue to work extremely hard. I had the opportunity to do the baptismal interview, that is definitely my favorite part about being a District Leader, the Spirit is felt very strongly. The baptism was great and a lot of people came to see it. I love seeing success in my District, I am very proud of my missionaries, they are working hard. Take care and have a great week!
Love Elder Cannon