Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Glad I didn't see Super Bowl

That is so awesome that you guys are going on trek, I loved Trek, I remember that my parents were the Napoli family, you guys are going to love trek. I changed a lot on Trek, it was a lot of fun. Jacob and Isaac are going to love it.
That food looked amazing for the superbowl. It sounds like the Broncos got spanked.  It is a good thing that I wasn´t there to see it. This week a lot of Less Active Members went to church and this made me very happy. This week was a little difficult, but we are going to continue working hard to bring more investigators to church. The work is good and satisfying and we have got a lot of it to do. I took some money out of my account to buy a new pair of shoes, my Rockwell are used to the bone. Eight new areas are going to open in this mission, my companion says that I am going to open a new area and train a new missionary, that would be really hard but if that is the will of God I will do it. The future looks really bright, and we are going to continue to work extremely hard. I had the opportunity to do the baptismal interview, that is definitely my favorite part about being a District Leader, the Spirit is felt very strongly. The baptism was great and a lot of people came to see it. I love seeing success in my District, I am very proud of my missionaries, they are working hard. Take care and have a great week!
Love Elder Cannon 

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