Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Getting ready for Christmas-two weeks worth of letters

December 15, 2014
My week was good! We still don´t have a new bishop, but hope that we will get one soon. Tomorrow we will have our Ward Christmas Party, I am really looking forward to that. I can´t wait to talk to you guys, that will be fun and special. Also this week we are going to have a party with all of the missionaries in the Baja California and President and Hermana Velez, I am really excited and happy to go! I can´t believe that it is already Christmas Time, time is going extremely fast. There were a lot of transfers in the Mission, the majority of our Zone stayed the same only two missionaries left the zone. I am still with my companion Elder Cano. He is going to finish his mission with me! I have never killed a missionary(had a companion who finished his mission with me) before. That should be fun! A lot of awesome members and investigadors are not going to be here during Christmas and New Year, I am kind of sad that we are going to be left with a lot fewer people to visit, but that gives us no excuse whatsoever to not continue to work as hard. We are going to find a lot of people to teach this Christmas and bring them the Gospel, what greater gift could anyone want! I am excited and ready to do all that I can to do the Will of my Heavenly Father. Thanks for the letter and for your support that you have given me throughout my Mission. You are the best, and I love you so much! Take care and have a wonderful week!


Elder Cannon  

December 22, 2014

This week we also had our Ward Party and there was a good turnout of investigators and less active members! It was really fun! A really cool experience was that a young investigator accompanied us for almost a day.  He was excited and it surprised the members that he was not a member, that was a really special experience for my Merry Christmas.  I love you guys so much and I am excited to talk to you guys! Is it okay for you guys at 5 pm on Christmas Day to Skype?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Devotional

We did get to watch the Christmas Devotional.  It was really special!  This week was a good one.  The Ward is a little disorganized, because the Bishop has been living in Mexico City for 2 months since the Hurricanes hit.  He came back this week and announced that he is moving to Monterrey. We technically don´t have a Bishop, but as soon as we get everything worked and organized then everything will be fine, but as of now no one does Home Teaching.   
 That sounds like you guys had an awesome Christmas Party,  and I am really glad that you guys gave a lot of service, that is the Spirit of Christmas.  We are practicing our singing abilities in the Zone, because we are going to sing to President Velez and to his wife. Everyone is excited for Christmas!  A returned missionary gave me a shirt that says Los Cabos and a Christmas Tie.    Twice this week I ran into some tourists from Utah that were really nice and gave us a little bit of money.  My companion was a little sick this week.  He is very anti doctor, he hates Doctors.  We got him checked and he is feeling a lot better, but we weren´t able to do a whole lot this week.  This week we are going to do a lot and are going to work extremely hard. Thank you so much for the pictures and for the letter, have a Merry Christmas! 


Elder Cannon

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are Elder Cannon's letters and pictures from the past couple weeks.

November 24, 2014
I can´t believe that it is snowing there.   I can´t even imagine what snow looks like.   My week was a really awesome week. I got the package from Grandma and the package from you guys also. I loved the packages they made me feel so special and loved. I have the best family in the world. I loved everything in the packages and so did the Zone! The picture is of my District Leader, Elder Reese and of a future missionary Kathia(she helped us a lot while I was in Mazatlan), she put in her papers. We had a Multi Zone Conference.   I met a lot of missionaries because I have never been the La Baja California, it was a very special Conference with the Spirit very strong. This week we didn´t have quite as much time to work in the field.   I didn´t realize how many things a Zone Leader has to do, but it has taught me to serve and love the missionaries in the Zone. We were blessed in this week with success and we have to keep working hard and find those who are ready to accept the Gospel and that need it. Thanks for all of your support and love that you have given me, I feel so blessed to be a part of this family and for all of your love and support that you have given me! Have a great week!

Love Elder Cannon

December 1, 2014
This week we worked extremely hard and found some new people to teach. On Thanksgiving, a returned missionary bought us Tacos! On Tuesday I cooked potatoes, pudding, rolls and we fed the Zone with the food that Grandma Robinette sent me in her package! Everyone loved it, the Americans were super excited, and the Mexicans were happy! We also had a Zone Meeting on Saturday! It was the first Zone Meeting that me or my companion had ever given.  It was really awesome and we excited all of our missionaries to work hard. The topic was on HE IS THE GIFT, we are excited for this program and we hope it brings great results. I brought the Christmas tree and decorated it, everyone loved it and are really excited for Christmas! Thank you so much for the Christmas package. I am so happy for Jacob and that he was able to receive his patriarcal blessing, that is so awesome. Tell him congratulations, and to obey and do all that he can in order to win and earn the blessings that he is promised. I cannot believe that it is already December.  Time goes by way too fast.  This transfer is only five weeks long, then the next transfer will be 7 weeks. We are already over half way done with this transfer. I am glad to hear that everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, and that everyone is happy! Have a great Week, love life and take advantage of every day!  Love, Elder Cannon