Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tell everyone "Hello"

March 23, 2015
The temperature isn´t too bad, but it is starting to heat up a little bit. This week went very good for us, we had some Ex Missionaries come to our area and work with us. We also had an 18 year old who just left to the MTC today, he went with us all day long. He was kind of nervous for the first few lessons and then kind of got a hang of it and it was really special for him. We taught a lot of lessons this week and had a lot of investigadors go to church, that was really good. We had a really good week, I am really grateful and happy to still be on the Mission, I am learning a lot and I know that God still needs me here. I am sure that Jacob had a really good time, that is good for him, he looks happy in the pictures that you sent me. It sounds like Isaac is pretty good at Tennis. I have some news, I just received my flight plans for my return to Utah, I´ll send them to you guys. I still can´t believe that my Mission is coming to an end. It is funny how when I started my Mission everyone wrote me, and now that I am finishing it everyone is writing me again. Have a great week, and remember how much that I love you so much, I love you guys so much, I hope that you are proud of me, I love the Gospel, I love being a missionary and the experience and knowledge that I have gained on a Mission, it is priceless! I have learned and progressed like none other and I am ready to continue forward with Faith and help others at all time! My testimony grows stronger every day, the more we share it, the stronger and more earnest they become! Have a great week, and tell everyone hello!


Elder Cannon

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Last transfer

March 16, 2015
The Whole zone pretty much stayed the same in this transfer,only two missionaries are leaving our Zone. I am going to finish my Mission in Los Cabos! I cannot believe it, my last transfer in the MIssion, I just get emotional thinking about it. President Velez just wrote me a letter saying that he was very grateful for my service and for all that I had done to help the Mission, and that it was going to be the last letter to me. That hit me so hard, my last letter to President, I am going to miss writing him. Six more weeks! I am going to take advantage of the very little time that I have left. Everyone is trying to kill me by saying that I am going home.  I know that I stayed in this area to try my Faith, because I know everybody and everybody knows me and I know what I need to do. I just need to focus and work as hard as I can. Elder Marshall is in my Zone! Elder Hymas goes home one transfer after I do.  Jacob is going to prom?  Wow he is a lot more manly than I was.   I remembered I wimped out and gave a lot of excuses(money..etc) That is awesome that Isaac is discovering his talents, he has a really bright future ahead of him. I love you guys so much, and I am so grateful for all that you have done for me. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I love being a missionary, I love teaching and sharing what I know is true to other people. I love sharing my testimony to everyone and serving and helping other people. I have also learned that when someone is about to finish their mission, everyone wants to talk to me and write me. I am sorry that I don´t have more time to write, I love you so much! Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Cannon 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Worst Thing ever...

March 9, 2015

This week went very well, we walked a ton and worked really hard. The worst thing ever...I received a phone call from the Secretaries of the Mission, "Hey Elder Cannon, we have a question for you...Sure, tell how can I help...Elder which airport is the closest to your house? We need to buy the plane tickets in advance."  I couldn`t believe it, it really surprised me. Then 2 days later they asked the same thing to my companion Elder Hymas. Why do Mission`s have to come to an end?

We have started going to a Gym, at 6 am! It feels really good to work out with weights and the trainer, Eric is really cool.  We are really good friends. That is awesome that Jay Wilson saw Tiffany. When does she go home? Eliza and Logan seemed really happy.  Tell them congratulations for their wedding and that I am really happy for them and their future is very bright! I am sure that Dan Harris gave an amazing talk and that he did an excellent job. Everything is going very well here.  We are excited and this next week we will have transfers, I would like to end my Mission here, even though I know that some of the members would try to distract by telling me that I am going home and what I am going to do. I will tell you all about the transfers, my last transfer, noooooooooo, why? I am going to see if I can extend one more transfer, just kidding. Ex Elder Cano said that he will be coming back to Los Cabos to visit, we are excited to see him! I love being a missionary, I have learned and grown so much, my testimony has strengthened and I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! There is no work more important than preaching the Gospel and doing the Lord`s work! Thanks for all of your love and support and for all that you have done for me! I love you guys so much, I have the best family in the world!   Love, Elder Cannon

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Missionary Retreat, Baptism, and Flood

February 23, 2015

This week was amazing! A lot happened in this week! On Thursday we watched the movie Meet the Mormons with all of the missionaries in the Zone! It was an awesome movie! All of the missionaries were crying when they saw the missionary saying goodbye to his family, even I cried a little. After the movie my companion and I went to the Paz with President and Sister Velez and his Assistents, on the way we stopped by Hotel California and took pictures with President and his Assistents! I found out the one of the Sister Leaders in our Zone, Hermana Peterson was also in the singing group Tavaci! I couldn´t believe it and she couldn´t believe it, it was cool. We stay in a really nice hotel called ONE, I slept like a baby in the cozy bed and then we ate a delicious free breakfast in the hotel. The Meeting was amazing with the President, his wife, and the Assistents! Our lesson went really well and everyone liked it and said really liked it! The lesson wasn´t to President, it was to other Zone Leaders and a Sister Missionary Leader of Los Cabos(Hermana Peterson). We had to wait for the bus to go back to Los Cabos for a few hours. We didn´t get home until about 10:15 pm. Then on Saturday we had a baptism of Susana! It was a really special baptism, when I saw her dressed in white, the Spirit just hit me very hard! I love the Gospel! I love watching others accept the Gospel and making covenants with our Heavenly Father and preparing them to return to live with Him! She was confirmed a member on Sunday and I could see a big light and smile on her face in this process! She is going to be such an awesome member and I am really excited for her and to see her fulfill her potencial that she has! That sounds it was a fun church activity that you guys had. It sounds like the family is doing really well, I will pray a lot for Grandpa Robinette.
Love, Elder Cannon

March 2, 2015
 This week went really well for our Zone, we actually broke a record in our Zone for the amount of baptisms that we had in February! That is cool and makes us look good.  Tomorrow, March 3, 2015 I will officially have 23 months on the Mission, that sounds like an extremely long time, but it doesn´t seem like I have been gone for that long. I am grateful that I still have 8 weeks left on my Mission. We gave the Zone Meeting this Tuesday, it went really well! I really like teaching and training other missionaries, it was the first time that my companion Elder Hymas had given a Zone Meeting before, and he did a really good job. Something really funny that happened this week, we have a washing machine in our house. The other Elders that live above us wanted to wash their clothes, they turned on the water and there was no water left. They left the valve on, we left the house and while we were contacting somebody in the street we received a phone call that our house was flooding, my companion and I immediately sprinted to the house and we started taking out all of the water, it took a while and all of the neighbors were looking at us kind of strangely, but that is okay, all is well now. The entire house had about two inches of water in it. This week was a fun adventure and I am sure that the next week will be as well. Thanks for your letter, I am really glad to hear that all is well back home and that life is good! I love you!


Elder Cannon
Some kind of missionary "commemoration" for Elder Cannon's 23rd month mark?!??