Monday, December 30, 2013

James Bond

I know it was so awesome to talk to you guys, it made me way happy. After the conversation I felt so good. After we Skyped, then Hermana Lety gave us food and after that we were pretty full. Then we received a phone call from a member who wanted to spend time with us and give us more food. We ate lunch, then we ate with Hermana Lety, and then we ate with another member. We were so stuffed and felt so fat, but I had a great Christmas, and I am really blessed. We had five investigadors that went to church, I was so happy and it strengthened my faith and testimony a lot. I am so excited for my area and for the investigadors that we have. I can not express how blessed that I am, I don´t deserve all of this, why me, I don´t understand but I am really grateful for all that God has given me.
In January we should have a decent amount of success, and I am really excited for the people that we are teaching.
This is like the funniest story ever, we were heading to the area of the Elders in my District to lend service. We headed in the bus, my companion knew how to arrive to the house of the person. I sat next to an older man and I was talking to him. My companion left the bus, I saw that he was leaving I panicked for a little bit and yelled stop. I stood up and saw the doors were closing and that the bus was moving, I squeezed my body through the door and I jumped and fell pretty hard. I picked myself up and realized that my backpack did not make it through the doors and that it was still on the bus. I started running towards the bus, the people on the bus saw that I was running towards the bus and told the driver to stop, then I got my backpack, I looked at my companion who had quite the grin on his face and then we headed off to lend service. It wasn´t anything serious, it was actually really funny. I felt as if I was James Bond jumping off of a train. We painted a house, it was a lot of fun. After we painted the house we had a paint fight, we all ended up covered in paint.  It was a lot of fun. I had an amazing week and am really excited to get back to work. It was so awesome to talk to all of you guys.  You guys have changed a little bit. I am glad to see that you guys are all right and had a wonderful Christmas. Feliz Navidad! 
Love Elder Cannon

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We didn't get an email from Ryan this week, but even better was being able to skype with him for an hour on Christmas Day and hear him talk about his mission.  He looked so good and happy.  He was excited when we showed him our messy living room with Christmas everywhere and we showed him the snow and mountains outside.  He loved that.  He gave us a great Christmas present --he sang a few songs to us and bore his testimony to us.  I will try to add some of them.  Maybe just one at a time since it takes so long.  I think this first one is his testimony.  I have no idea why it is showing it sideways.  It isn't like that on our computer. 
Here  is the link of him singing a missionary song (if it works)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I absolutely loved the photos of Dad being Grinch and the photos of everybody. It is so hilarious. The food sounds amazing. This week really was a good week, but something really hard happened to me. I lost my camera with all of my photos. Eight months of my mission I feel like I lost. I wish that I had sent more photos to you guys. I still hope that I find my camera. I lost all of my photos of Rosario and Culiacan and the MTC. This event has definitely made me more humble and has been hard. It sounds like the missionaries in the ward are having a lot of success, that is so awesome. For the first time in my mission we helped a family paint their house and it was a lot of fun. I wanted to take a picture of it, I went for my camera and then I realized that it was lost. I am excited for Christmas and to a lot of families have invited us to dine with them. Tomorow we have conference with President Velez, I am excited to go. I believe that I will recieve the package that you sent me very soon. I have humbled a lot lately and thought of all of my blessings and everything that God has given me. Thanks for the letters and photo it made me very happy.    

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Font-filling Fun

This week was really awesome. I have an amazing story to tell. We have district meetings every Tuesday. On Tuesday the water returned to the church. We got really excited and planned the baptism of Geovani for Friday.  Elder Juarez and Elder Hymas (two missionaries from my District) also planned a baptism for Friday. The Zone Leaders interviewed Geovani, and I interviewed Cande. I actually really like doing the interviews for baptisms. The night before the baptism we went to the church to see if there was still water, there was no water whatsoever. We kind of started to panic. I said let´s pray.  We all went into a room said a group prayer. Our baptism was scheduled for 5 pm, we arrived at the Church at 3 pm, there was no water. We grabbed buckets and trash canisters and were filling them with water that is underground. It was kind of like taking water out of a well and we filled the font by hand. We were running and working so hard, and then arrived about 10 kids(8-11 years old) and they asked if they could help. They helped us so much and worked so hard. Without the help of these kids there is no way that we could have been able to fill the font. We worked a little over two hours hauling water, it was so exhausting. I baptized Geovani and I felt the Spirit very strongly. I love being a missionary, nothing else brings as much joy to me, as being a missionay does. Our investigador´s Alejandra and her kids went to watch both baptisms.  I know that it helped their desire to be baptized grow. It was such a great miracle and I will never forget that day.  In the baptism of Cande I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.  I love everything about my mission.  I can´t leave, when you have experiences like these they just make you so happy and filled with joy. The transfers arrived and everything stays the same.  Everyone in my District are the same.I love you so much, thanks for everything. I love the gospel, I know that without a doubt that it is true and brings pure happiness.
Love Elder Cannon

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


My week was good.  For Thanksgiving I went to the house of a member called Paco, ate some really good food and had a good time. I can´t wait to meet Jorge.   I remember that I spoke all of the Spanish that I could with him. I am excited to speak to Chris in Spanish when I get back from my mission.

We are going to have a baptism this Friday and I am really excited.  His name is Geovani and he is eight years old. His Grandma is one of my favorite members, and is a recent convert. Geovani is a good boy, but is very rowdy. One day we were helping him with his homework and he was sick of doing homework so he tried to escape.  He went out the back and somehow got on the roof of the house and was running across the roofs. He is really awesome and we have been working a lot with him so that he is more relaxed. Right now there is absolutely no water in the church, no one can be baptized, no one can go to the bathroom.  We hope that this week the water comes back so that we can have a baptism. We have a decent amount of investigators that are progressing but we need to find more investigators for the future. At the end of this week we are going to have transfers, I´ll tell you how that goes. I am really excited to finish this transfer and we are going to work really hard to bring others to the gospel. This is a picture of the missionaries in my zone.

  It is starting to cool down quite a bit in the nights and the mornings, but at mid day it is still pretty hot. I have been learning a lot this week. President Velez gave me such an amazing scripture that is helping me to be a better leader it is 1 Tim. 4;12-16, I am truly trying to improve and be the best missionary that I can. The mission is something so wonderful that I can´t express how happy I am to be a missionary. Every day something new or wonderful happens. I love my mission and everything that has happened on my mission. I can´t believe how much time that I already have in my mission. We had a really busy day and that is why I am writing so late. I have to go, thanks for your letter. I love you.
Love Elder Cannon