Tuesday, December 3, 2013


My week was good.  For Thanksgiving I went to the house of a member called Paco, ate some really good food and had a good time. I can´t wait to meet Jorge.   I remember that I spoke all of the Spanish that I could with him. I am excited to speak to Chris in Spanish when I get back from my mission.

We are going to have a baptism this Friday and I am really excited.  His name is Geovani and he is eight years old. His Grandma is one of my favorite members, and is a recent convert. Geovani is a good boy, but is very rowdy. One day we were helping him with his homework and he was sick of doing homework so he tried to escape.  He went out the back and somehow got on the roof of the house and was running across the roofs. He is really awesome and we have been working a lot with him so that he is more relaxed. Right now there is absolutely no water in the church, no one can be baptized, no one can go to the bathroom.  We hope that this week the water comes back so that we can have a baptism. We have a decent amount of investigators that are progressing but we need to find more investigators for the future. At the end of this week we are going to have transfers, I´ll tell you how that goes. I am really excited to finish this transfer and we are going to work really hard to bring others to the gospel. This is a picture of the missionaries in my zone.

  It is starting to cool down quite a bit in the nights and the mornings, but at mid day it is still pretty hot. I have been learning a lot this week. President Velez gave me such an amazing scripture that is helping me to be a better leader it is 1 Tim. 4;12-16, I am truly trying to improve and be the best missionary that I can. The mission is something so wonderful that I can´t express how happy I am to be a missionary. Every day something new or wonderful happens. I love my mission and everything that has happened on my mission. I can´t believe how much time that I already have in my mission. We had a really busy day and that is why I am writing so late. I have to go, thanks for your letter. I love you.
Love Elder Cannon  

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