Monday, December 30, 2013

James Bond

I know it was so awesome to talk to you guys, it made me way happy. After the conversation I felt so good. After we Skyped, then Hermana Lety gave us food and after that we were pretty full. Then we received a phone call from a member who wanted to spend time with us and give us more food. We ate lunch, then we ate with Hermana Lety, and then we ate with another member. We were so stuffed and felt so fat, but I had a great Christmas, and I am really blessed. We had five investigadors that went to church, I was so happy and it strengthened my faith and testimony a lot. I am so excited for my area and for the investigadors that we have. I can not express how blessed that I am, I don´t deserve all of this, why me, I don´t understand but I am really grateful for all that God has given me.
In January we should have a decent amount of success, and I am really excited for the people that we are teaching.
This is like the funniest story ever, we were heading to the area of the Elders in my District to lend service. We headed in the bus, my companion knew how to arrive to the house of the person. I sat next to an older man and I was talking to him. My companion left the bus, I saw that he was leaving I panicked for a little bit and yelled stop. I stood up and saw the doors were closing and that the bus was moving, I squeezed my body through the door and I jumped and fell pretty hard. I picked myself up and realized that my backpack did not make it through the doors and that it was still on the bus. I started running towards the bus, the people on the bus saw that I was running towards the bus and told the driver to stop, then I got my backpack, I looked at my companion who had quite the grin on his face and then we headed off to lend service. It wasn´t anything serious, it was actually really funny. I felt as if I was James Bond jumping off of a train. We painted a house, it was a lot of fun. After we painted the house we had a paint fight, we all ended up covered in paint.  It was a lot of fun. I had an amazing week and am really excited to get back to work. It was so awesome to talk to all of you guys.  You guys have changed a little bit. I am glad to see that you guys are all right and had a wonderful Christmas. Feliz Navidad! 
Love Elder Cannon

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