Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Font-filling Fun

This week was really awesome. I have an amazing story to tell. We have district meetings every Tuesday. On Tuesday the water returned to the church. We got really excited and planned the baptism of Geovani for Friday.  Elder Juarez and Elder Hymas (two missionaries from my District) also planned a baptism for Friday. The Zone Leaders interviewed Geovani, and I interviewed Cande. I actually really like doing the interviews for baptisms. The night before the baptism we went to the church to see if there was still water, there was no water whatsoever. We kind of started to panic. I said let´s pray.  We all went into a room said a group prayer. Our baptism was scheduled for 5 pm, we arrived at the Church at 3 pm, there was no water. We grabbed buckets and trash canisters and were filling them with water that is underground. It was kind of like taking water out of a well and we filled the font by hand. We were running and working so hard, and then arrived about 10 kids(8-11 years old) and they asked if they could help. They helped us so much and worked so hard. Without the help of these kids there is no way that we could have been able to fill the font. We worked a little over two hours hauling water, it was so exhausting. I baptized Geovani and I felt the Spirit very strongly. I love being a missionary, nothing else brings as much joy to me, as being a missionay does. Our investigador´s Alejandra and her kids went to watch both baptisms.  I know that it helped their desire to be baptized grow. It was such a great miracle and I will never forget that day.  In the baptism of Cande I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.  I love everything about my mission.  I can´t leave, when you have experiences like these they just make you so happy and filled with joy. The transfers arrived and everything stays the same.  Everyone in my District are the same.I love you so much, thanks for everything. I love the gospel, I know that without a doubt that it is true and brings pure happiness.
Love Elder Cannon

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