Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Conference Weekend

General Conference was so awesome.  They just keep getting better and better and end quicker and quicker. We missed the very first session because we were in the hospital.  This Tuesday at 6 in the morning we are going to the hospital and they are going to operate on Elder Porter.  We are really excited that they are finally going to operate on him. We had a good week, but we were a little occupied with doctor stuff. After the surgery and when he recuperates we are going to work so hard, becuase it might be my very last week in the ward.  It is so crazy, I can´t believe that I have been here for six months. I have one year on my mission! I am getting old. I thought that I was going home the 16 of March, Elder Hurt(was in my District in the MTC) told me that our missions are extended until the 29 of April 2015.   I was so happy. I felt a little sad, because I thought that I had less than a year on my mission, but right now I am so happy that it was extended. I received the birthday package and I loved it, it made me really happy. That picture holder looks really awesome, and that colored pencil is really awesome. In our next District Meeting we are going to celebrate my one year mark and last District Meeting together by eating  the twinkies you sent and having fun. Don´t worry we will have the Meeting, and then afterwards we will celebrate. I wonder what the transfers are going to be like, they are going to be interesting! I learned a lot this week and am loving my mission. I know that this church is true and that it is guided by Thomas S. Monson and his Apostles and I am so grateful for them. Have a fantastic week and don´t sleep during the Restoration.  Preach the Gospel to everyone. If you do so, I promise that you will receive more blessings than you can imagine and you will draw closer to God. Trust in God and in his plan. We don´t understand everything that God does for us, we need to be grateful with what we have and press forward, with a whole lot of Faith, that everything will work out just fine! I also recomend that you study Preach My Gospel daily and if you do your desire share the Gospel will increase and you will have oportunities to do it. Just Do It!
Love Elder Cannon   

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