Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Area and Companion

This week was actually kind of hard for us because for almost all of the week everyone left their homes and traveled. A lot of people went to the beach, a lot of them went to visit their families. There was hardly anyone in the street and everyone that we saw or found were really old people. My new companion Elder Garibay is from Michoacan and is a really great missionary.  He has six months in his mission and we are going to work really hard together. He is a convert.  He barely has three years since he was baptized.  His hope is that for him being here his family is going to accept the Gospel. I was able to see the baptism of an old investigator (Beatrice) that we taught in Nueva Galicia, she is such a great person and I was so happy to be able to watch her being baptized. President and Hermana Velez came to the baptism and it was really a special moment for everyone. I made some trades with other missionaries and I now have a Canon camera. I really like it.  It isn`t the newest or anything, but it does have some neat effects. All of the missionaries in our ward gave talks.  I felt so good and am really excited to get the members excited about Preaching the Gospel. On Sunday I was able to talk to a lot of the members of Nueva Galicia.  They made me so happy and I am so grateful to still keep in contact with everyone I know in my old ward.   Even though this week was a little hard, there were a lot of blessings and I couldn`t ask for anything more. I was talking to my convert Humberto, he said that he really wants to get to know Utah and to see the Salt Lake Temple, and he wants to get know my parents.  I said that he is welcome in my house and that it would be awesome to have him there.  Maybe we will have guests in a few years.  You have to get to know his family. They are so special and I will never forget them. Humberto is working really hard with the missionaries and he is really courageous and bold to talk to less actives and ask them why they don`t go to church, and encourging them to go, he gets it done.   I feel so happy and blessed to have been able to teach him and watch how much he has progressed in the Gospel. This Gospel brings so many blessings and miracles, I can`t even begin to express the happiness that it has brought me.  This work isn`t easy, but it is worth everything and it means everything to me. I can`t believe that I am going to be 20 years old.  I think that next Tuesday after the District Meeting we are going to have a little party with birthday cake. I don`t feel that old.  I feel like I am changing a lot, but I still feel really young. Thanks for your letter, I talk to you guys next week, bye!
Love Elder Cannon 
P.S.  This picture is from the family baptized last week.

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