Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday celebration

I am doing really good.  My Birthday was really awesome. Missionaries gave me ties, President and Hermana Velez sang Happy Birthday and congratulated me in English, Members gave me cake or congratulated me. In church a lot of the members of Nueva Galicia also told me Happy Birthday.   I don`t know how they knew it was my Birthday but it really did make me feel special. I can`t wait to meet my new cousin Wyatt he looks like a great little baby. We are going to have some awesome Birthday parties when I get back. Speaking of getting back tomorrow I will exactly have one year until I go home. I cannot believe that I have been on a mission for a year.  It has been the greatest thing for me.  It has taught me and changed me a lot. We had a seminary training with President Velez, his wife, and all of the Leaders of the Mission.  It was a great training session and I learned a lot. His wife made us very delicious tacos.  I was grateful that I was able to attend. We are still getting to know the members of the ward and are doing all that we can so that they Preach the Gospel and help us in this work. One of our investigators speaks really good English.  H is really nice, humble, and lived in Utah for a few months, but he never heard about the church until he came to Culiacan. He has been to church about 5 times and he has a baptism set for the 10th of May.  I am really excited for him. We are trying hard to find New Investigators because we don`t have very many people to teach.  The work is hard but rewarding. I love this work and I know that God put me in this ward to strenghten it and to help it grow. I hope all is well back home.  Have a great week.
Love Elder Cannon  

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