Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sister missionaries in our area

I am doing really good.  My District is having and will have a lot of success in this transfer. Having Sister Missionaries has been a lot of fun.  We have been teaching them the area. This past District Meeting was one of the best meetings I have conducted.  I think that it is because the Hermanas participate a little bit more than the Elders. They are fantastic missionaries.  One of them is from Uruguay and is almost my height, and the other is from Mexico City. After this transfer I am going to have 6 months as a District Leader.  I have learned so much and have enjoyed it a lot. Quite a few people told me that they were really glad that I would stay in the ward a little bit longer. Right now we are struggling a little bit in our area.  We are on the hunt for the chosen people that God has been preparing for us. I love my mission. God has taught me a lot. I have started to understand the attributes of Faith and Humility. I feel like I have changed a lot, and I am going to keep changing. I have started to lose a decent amount of weight.  I look quite a bit thinner than when I started my mission. All is well here in Mexico, take care, and tell Daniel Happy Birthday! You are always in my prayers.
Love Elder Cannon 

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