Monday, July 1, 2013

What A Miracle

(Note from Denise:  When Ryan left on his mission, we hoped he would always have a companion that is good with directions because that isn't Ryan's strong suit and he can get lost quite easily, but maybe in some cases it is a blessing.)

Letter from Ryan:

My companion is so hilarious and I feel like my Spanish is improving much faster because he is my companion. Elder Sumano actually knows quite a bit of English and it is hilarious whenever he sings in English. Wow, I cannot believe how hot that it is down in Utah. I really want to know what the temperature is down here.  I feel like I am starting to adapt to the heat. My week was really good and really hard. This week only five people came to church. I could not believe that no one came to church. It shows that we have a lot of work to do. We got a new Mission President.  His name is President Valez. We went to Mazatlan to see him and I think that he is really awesome. While we were in Mazatlan we ate at a Chinese All You Can Eat Buffet. I loved it.  It tasted so good. I had another really cool experience this week.  We were trying to find an investigator's house, but I could not remember where she lived. We ended up getting a little bit lost and we found someone named Alicia. We talked to her and I could tell that something was wrong with her. She started crying and told us that her husband died that day.   We gave her a blessing and my companion said some really comforting words to her. I felt so bad for her, I cannot describe how bad I felt for her. I think that if we would have found the investigator that we were looking for, then we would not have been able to help Alicia. What a miracle. I cannot describe all of the feelings that I have felt so far on my mission.   Thanks for everything that you have done for me. Love, Elder Cannon.

  Ryan's companion also sent us an email along with some pictures:
Hello Elder Cannon´s Parents, i´m the companion to your son, he´s very great!!! and very funny, we´re workin´ very hard every day!!! thanks for your son, he´s very good and i´m glad ´cause he teach me something new every day!!!!
Bye!!! we´ll see some day....Elder Sumano         

  We can't tell if they are comparing muscles or tan lines?

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