Thursday, October 3, 2013

Better Late than Never

(Note:  This post is a little delayed due to Ryan not able to write on Monday and then our internet was down for a couple days)

I am sorry that I couldn`t write you yesterday.   We had a conference and President Velez came and I was busy all day.  I got a lot of letters from people of our ward.  It made me really happy to read all of the letters. We haven´t been getting as much rain.  

That night with grandma and the whole family sounded really special, and I am sure that it was really special. Wow, Isaac is the Deacons President.  He is going to do a great job as the president.

My companion knows a lot about eyes and glasses and wants to be an optomitrist, or an eye doctor. What was that eye disease or eye condition that I might have?

This week we were waiting at church for two couples that are investigators that said that they would come, but they didn`t come. Someone called Magnolia went.  She is the daughter of a recent convert. Magnolia asked her mom what she needs to go to the temple.  The mom said go to church and talk to the missionaries.   Magnolia asked us what does she need to do to get baptized. There is a new rule that all investigators need to go to church at least 5 times before they can be baptized.  It was only 2 times before. We talked with her and she is really excited to prepare to get baptized.   We are going to teach her more and we are really excited to teach her. This week was really good and I am excited to get back to work.

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