Monday, October 14, 2013

You Can Do It Now

I loved the photo of the anniversary of Grandma and Grandpa you sent.  I can`t believe how big that my cousins are getting.  

Rosario is still really awesome.  It feels like I have been here for a very long time.  In two weeks I am going to have six months in Rosario. Tomorrow is the birthday of my companion.  He is going to turn 19 years old. Most of the missionaries from Mexico enter the field when they are 18 years old. Today I played basketball. It was so much fun but I was exhausted after playing. It was a lot of fun, but I am definitely worse at basketball. 

We had a good amount of people come to church this Sunday. Two white grandparents came to church. They live an hour drive from the church. It was fun talking in English to them, but it was also kind of hard because I was solely thinking in Spanish and trying to translate into English and it didn`t come out perfectly. We had Fast Sunday.  I always love listening to the testimonies of the members of the Branch. It always strengthens my testimony and makes me happy.

 It is still blazing hot and it is the middle of October.  I hope that in November it will cool down a little bit. Everything is great in Rosario and I am really happy to be a missionary. I loved the talk from President Uchtdorf that is titled "You can do it now." It made me motivated and I realized that I need to have more faith and I hope that I can do anything and everything right now this instant. It made me really excited and happy to listen to it. 

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  1. Ryan's attitude is really uplifting. I love reading his letters. So glad he belongs to me!