Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference Weekend

This week was really special for me, especially General Conference. It hit me hard when they said that the Conference is broadcasted world wide, and it was really special to watch the conference in a different country. I watched it in Spanish.   I am so grateful that I watched General Conference when I had a little bit more time in the field so that I could understand it. I kind of like listening to the actual voices of the prophets and apostles more but it was still really powerful.

We had divisions and I went with a missionary that only has 10 weeks left in the field. We were very excited to work together and we had a very spiritual lession together and we left the lesson with the greatest feeling.  I cannot believe how much time that I already have.  It makes me so sad to think about how much time I that I already have. I have grown and learned a lot but time needs to take a break and just pause. I feel like I am starting to mature more and grow up a little bit more.

Love Elder Cannon
Letter to Dad:
I am doing really good and I had a really good week. I feel really comfortable getting around Rosario. We don´t have cars.  The Mexican missionaries think that all of the missions in the United States are cakewalk because they have cars. Sometimes we ride bikes, when they work.  They aren´t the greatest bikes but the still work. On Saturday we watched Conference from the computer in our house of prayer. For the priesthood session  we went to a city that had a church and watched the session there. I feel really good with my Spanish and I was really grateful that I watched conference when I could understand it. I do feel really comfortable with my Spanish, but I still have a lot to learn. After every session of conference I was filled with good feelings and joy, my gratefulness has also grown a lot. I have learned so much and I can´t wait for what the future has to bring for me.    

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