Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This week was really awesome.  General Conference was really special. For the Saturday Session  we watched it in English in the Tassainers house, they even fed us. They are so nice and help us so much in the Branch. We had a decent amount of members, converts, and investigadors attend the conference. It was so special for our investigadors they absorbed it and loved it.  They said that they haven`t seen or felt anything like that in any other church. That strengthened my testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church, and that we are led by prophets and apostles: General Conference seems to get better every year and it seems to end quicker and quicker. All of the missionaries that I saw at the Conference told me that they wanted to go to Villa Union, which is funny because Elder Tassainer said that no one wanted to go to Villa Union, it was a very hard area. I got to meet a lot of the members of my old ward in Jabalies, Mazatlan.  They sure seemed excited and I was happy to hear that the ward is doing really good. On Friday I officially completed 1 year and a half on my Mission, 6 more months and then I am going home. It just hit me hard, that I was no longer going to have a name badge or be a full time missionary in just 6 months! I will make the best out of these six months and I will return with honor, but that is still a long ways away. Thanks all of your love and support that you have given me and for your great example. I love you guys!

Love Elder Cannon  

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