Tuesday, July 22, 2014

San Francisquito

This week was one of the best weeks of my life, it was insane and I still can`t believe all that happened. One Family(familia Aragon) had a lot of references for us in a little town that had never heard the gospel. I went with Elder Tassainer to meet and teach these references. We taught three lessons, there were quite a few people that heard us teach! We started the first lesson, in the distance we saw a man watching us, we went over invited him in the lesson. He loved it and told me afterwards that we should gather about 50-60 people and then teach them. I will never forget that day, the Spirit was so strong in all of the lessons (the testimonies of the members were very strong). In church we had 10 investigadors, and 8 less active members! In total there were 53 people in church, that is a record! The Branch President had a meeting on Sunday Morning so I was the Branch President for the first half hour. I felt kind of weird conducting the church meeting, but it went well. We are so pumped to preach the gospel, all of our success is coming from this one family. They are really working with us, when we put appointments with them they invite friends and have great lessons with them. My companion and I got a little sick this week, but God blessed us and is helping a ton. There is no way we could be doing this without him. Elder Farias returned to Jabalies to train a missionary from Argentina! Now it is just Elder Rock and I.  I haven`t gotten the package yet, but I am sure that it is on its way. I am a believer of Miracles, I love the Gospel and I love Preaching the Gospel. I am starting to get old, but I am taking advantage of every day that I have got left.Thanks for the letter, have a splendid week!

Love Elder Cannon   
P.S. The little town that we went to and had a ton of success is called San Francisquito!

The person sitting next to me while we are eating is Luis, he is getting baptized this Saturday. We intervewed him last night and he is so ready! His wife is a member and Luis has been hearing the missionaries for a while, he just received his answer from God and he is getting baptized.


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