Thursday, July 3, 2014

Robbed....but moving onward

How in the world did you know that we got robbed? That is so crazy.  I didn´t want you to know about it, but now you know. We got robbed last Saturday night.  The miracle is that we didn`t wake up while they were robbing us, and they didn`t do anything to us. The night that they robbed us, I did a ton of exercise and was so tired and went into a very deep sleep and slept like a baby. It was a miracle.  Don`t worry about me, everything is fine.  I am safe and God will protect me.  We believe the robbers came in through a small window that is high and kind of small because we had everything shut and locked.   They took our speakers, hair trimmers and shavers, all cash, my camera with all my pictures, watches, cameras, ipod, memory cards, wallets, the mission cell phone and dvd player and even took my name tags.  They pretty much left us with very little.   To tell you the truth this is the second time we have had a robbery in this house.   The first time they broke in when we were having our District Meeting.  We returned home to find some things missing and they broke the door handle.  I had to climb on the roof and open the back door with the key.   We have been kind of homeless for the past two weeks.  We have slept in the house of the Zone Leaders and they have helped us out.  It was a little hard that they took all of our stuff, but in the end none of this stuff matters and are worldly things.  Today we moved into our new house.  It looks really nice and it has running water!  The best thing about it is that it has an air conditioner!  Elder Farias and I are really excited to try it out. 

We had a really good week.  We were invited to a funeral and went to the burial of a Sister Beltran in the church. A lot of people went to the funeral.  It touched my heart very deeply.  At the burial we(the six missionaries) sang a few songs for Sister Beltran and it was really special. All of the sons of Sister Beltran are returned missionaries.  They are helping us out and are really special.

The missionary work is going well.   Two of the sister missionaries Sister Ramirez and Sister Wallace had two baptisms this week.   I was really happy and proud of them. The other sister missionaries also will have baptisms coming up this week! We are all really excited to work and to get her done.

 Thanks for all of the love and support that you have given me, I´ll keep working dang hard!
Love Elder Cannon 

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