Thursday, June 5, 2014

I love Mazatlan

My companion is great, and I really like Mazatlan. Culiacan was so hot, but here in Mazatlan it is a lot cooler, but it is really humid, I sweat a ton. The people are a lot nicer and more receptive to the Gospel in Mazatlan! Our church is really really pretty, it even has a water fountain.  It is such a beautiful church. In my District it is me and my companion and four sister missionaries. The Mission President is starting to give me a little more responsibility. The sister missionaries are way awesome! I really like having sister missionaries in my District, everything is just better. In the District Meetings there is a lot of participation, the Meetings are more spiritual, it is just better. I forgot my cable, I will send pictures of our District next week. I haven´t received the package, but it should come soon. I can´t believe how different Mazatlan is from Culiacan.  I miss the people in culiacan, but I really love the area in mazatlan. In our area there are only five members, it is kind of small. We started getting the members from the areas to preach with us, it has been really awesome working with them. Everything is good here in Mazatlan,  don´t worry about me, all is well!
Love Elder Cannon   

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