Monday, September 2, 2013

A Fantastic Week

I am doing really great.   I had another fantastic week. 

 Today I talked to a Mexican in English who lives in Utah.  Right now he is visiting family in Mexico. He asked where I was from and I was suprised that he knew exactly where Tremonton was. He said that his wife is from Tremonton.   I was so surprised, and we talked about Utah and he said that it is the Mormon state. I asked him Are you a Mormon?  He said that he goes to our church and is listening to the missionaries in Spanish in Utah. Then we had to leave, but I love experiences like that.

 I actually feel pretty confident with my Spanish, but I still have a ways to go to be fluent. It is raining like crazy in Mexico, sometimes the thunder is way loud in the nights, and the lightning flashes like every three seconds. It doesn´t happen everyday, but occasionally it is really stormy.  Blaine looks so happy.  Tell him that I said Congratulations.  His wife seems really nice and they look very good together.

We baptized Briceida.  She is the sweetest girl in the world. Yesterday she brought one peso for her tithing. She was baptized on Saturday and received the Holy Ghost yesterday.

Yesterday was fast Sunday and I just love listening to the testimony of the members. I had to buy a new camera because my other camera broke, I can now send photos but only one at a time. Life is really good and lately a lot of people have been trying to talk to me in English, which has been really fun. We had a conference with Elder De Hoyos of the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was really spiritual and I learned a lot from it. All is well here in Rosario. I love you!
Love Elder Cannon

This is a picture of me with a boy named Daniel, he is the funnest little kid ever. We were helping some people start to build their house.


The other missionaries found this dog in the road and I just had to get a picture with it. I don´t know why but there a lot of dogs in Mexico that don´t like missionaries all that much and that are pretty scary.

This is a picture of our baptismal font


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