Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm heading to Mexico!

I got my Visa!  I am going to Mexico in five days!  It is so crazy. I can't wait to go to Mexico.   I am so excited.
 The MTC is awesome and I am kind of going to miss it and I am going to miss my district but I can't wait to leave. Being a host was so much fun.  The person that I hosted was from Middleton Idaho and knew two of my roomates at BYU Idaho so we got along really well.
 Spanish is still really hard, but I know once I get to Mexico I will learn a lot more and I can't wait to meet people and to talk to them in Spanish. It is 90 degrees in Culiacan Mexico right now. Everyone in my district are going to see the Consulate to get their Visas.
 Dad, I thought that it was kind of crazy when you said to that man if he would be baptized but that is not crazy at all.  We are supposed to invite people to baptism by the second lesson. My testimony has grown so much in the MTC and I can't wait to fly out. We had our first fast Sunday in the MTC.   I bore my testimony in Spanish for the first time at Sacrament meeting.  I said a lot more than I had planned that I was going to say.
 I think that I can call you guys at the airport.   I don't know how long that the phone calls are though. Thanks for all of the letters.  They help me a lot.  I really liked the quote you sent by George Q. Cannon.  Another quote that I heard in the MTC that helped me so much with Spanish was "God doesn't expect perfection, but he loves improvement." I improve everyday, but I still have so much work to do.
Isaac that is so awesome that you are starting a chart with the Book of Mormon. One of my favorite parts of the day is reading the Book of Mormon. My testimony has grown so much here and I can't wait to bring this happiness of the gospel to others.  I still can't believe that I leave in only five days, the MTC has gone by so fast!

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