Saturday, April 11, 2015

Two-Year Mark

Our Easter was really special, except my companion got pretty sick and we were in the hospital from Sunday morning until Monday night. It felt so good to finally leave the hospital.  Time goes by so slow when one is in the hospital. I have learned that when someone is busy and is working a lot, Time Flies! I felt a little sick as well, I think that it was something that we ate. General Conference was really special, pure power, I received a lot of revelation and I am excited to apply all that I learned. My Testimony and Faith strengthens a lot after listening to General Conference.  I remember when I was younger, I would always look at the clock and say how long until this is over. Now I can't believe how quickly that they end.  Each session goes by really fast. This was funny, when we were watching the Saturday morning session, almost all of the talks were about eternal marriage, my companion and the other missionaries, were like this talk is for you, listen up! They kept telling me that I need to get married as soon as possible after the mission. Dinner at the Newmans house was amazing.  The food was great.  They live in a beautiful house, and it was a really spiritual experience! They are intelligent and I learned a lot talking to them. It sounds like you guys had a really fun week in Las Vegas! I am happy for you guys.  I got the package that you sent me for Easter! I loved it, thanks so much for sending it, I shared most of it with the zone, I was so surprised to see cake battered flavored chap stick, it smells good. Thanks again for the package, you are the best Mother in the whole world! I love you! Tell Loren and George hello, and that I will see them soon. Have a Great Week, I love you!


Elder Cannon

This is Elder Marshall and I with the Mission President Velez. It was our 24 month anniversary in the mission. In this Multi Zone Conference they had all of the missionaries that were going home share their testimonies, I was crying a little in my testimonio it was hard, but powerful. I am so grateful to have served a full time Mission! 

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