Friday, November 21, 2014

I love the Mission!

Los Cabos is a cool area.  It has a lot more money than Villa Union. I don´t want to buy anything because everything is so expensive. It reminds a lot of the United States. I definitely feel a lot more pressure as a Zone Leader, but I know that it will help me to push myself to be a better missionary. It is a lot to take in, but I know that it will help me grow and progress. We are working very hard Elder Cano and I! The best thing happened, Saturday night.  I received a call from Villa Union.  It was Alicia(the investigador that Elder Tapia and I taught).  She had just gotten baptized and she expressed how happy she was and how grateful she was that we helped her come to know the Gospel.  She also asked when I was coming back. It was a very special experience for me.  A spirit of peace entered into my heart. I love the Mission for the experiences that happen, even though I wasn´t able to attend the baptism, it was special being a part of her conversion process! It is so good to hear from you guys, I wish you the best, I miss you guys and I know that the Lord is blessing and protecting you guys. Have a great WEEK! I love you guys so much!


Elder Cannon   

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