Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New companion

This week was really good and my companion left to a smaller branch. I am going to stay in Nueva Galicia and today I received Elder Porter, he is from Syracuse Utah. He is still pretty new, he has six months on his mission. I am his third companion and I am really excited to work with him. He is a great missionary, very humble and loving. Everyone said that I was going to train in this transfer, I guess I got lucky.  I am really excited for the future and to get to work. The heat is starting to come back, I am starting to get more used to the heat. I feel like I am changing quite a bit for the better. I absolutely love my mission, I already have 9 months in Mexico and a little over 10 months from when I entered the MTC. Time is not fair, I can´t wait until the next life when time won´t matter. Time felt like it went by so slow while I was waiting for my mission, but now it is cruising. I learned that time goes by slow when you are waiting for things to happen, but while you are working hard and enjoying your time, it flies.  I love you guys, I love my mission, I love my companion, I love my calling and more than anything I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I feel like I am understanding a little bit more his Atonement, and that I am applying it more in my life. Thanks for the letter it made me really happy. I love you guys and hope that all is well. Take Care!
Love Elder Cannon

More advice Ryan has for his brothers:

Remember to say your personal prayers, every single morning and night. It is a commandment and it will prepare you to be a great missionary. One chapter a day of the Book of Mormon, if you still haven´t started make a progress chart and have Mom help you. You need to be start preparing for your mission, I regret all lot of things that I didn´t do while I was younger, you have the opportunity to do it now. Be Diligent and Obedient, Work Hard and prepare for the best two years of your life. 

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