Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Monday, June 10, 2013
My week has been really good and really hard. I have learned so much and my body is starting to adapt to all of the walking and the heat a little bit. Right now we do not have very many people to teach and we have been working really hard to find more people to teach.  Also our ward is really struggling and there are some members that are struggling with coming to church. We are also working a lot with the members in the ward and trying to get the members converted.
 I absolutely loved that quote you sent  by Bruce R. McConkie.  It is a really good quote. My shirts are starting to come out of the wash still looking like they need to be washed.   I think that means that I am working hard.  I realized that when times are hard, those are the times that you learn the most, so now I am going to try to look for hard things to do so that I can learn more.
We are also getting a new mission President.   President Cantu was so bold and strong with his words and I learned a lot from him. I hope that our new Mission President can speak English because I still email everything in English.  If I had to do Spanish it would take me a lot longer.
 How is good old Tremonton 9th ward doing and Elwood 1st ward? I knew that missions were hard, but I did not expect it to be anything like this. Elder Holland said that the reason missions are hard is because it was not easy for Christ.  If we call ourselves disciples of Christ, we need to experience a portion of what Christ went through. Thanks for all of the letters that you send me. They really help a lot. I cannot believe that it is already June.  That means everyone is out of school.  I cannot believe how fast time flies. Thanks for everything.   Love you, talk to you next week.

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