Monday, June 17, 2013


  Everyone sounds like they are doing good back home. My week has been good and busy.  We are trying to find more people to teach.  Also a lot of members in our ward are really struggling to come to church. I cannot believe how strong that the wards are in Utah and I hope someday that our ward in Rosario will be more like the ward that we had back home. Spanish is still Spanish.  I am improving and growing a lot from having to learn Spanish. It seems like being a missionary in the United States speaking English would be too easy. I have really grown so much from all of the struggles that I have had with Spanish.

 I think that I have lost a decent amount of weight here, because my shorts are so loose on me. In the MTC my pants were tight on me and now they are a lot more loose.

I wish that I could see that  new video of Dad, I bet that it is hilarious. (Jacob recorded Steve in the car trying to make the sound that Chewy makes from Star Wars--quite entertaining).

 That raspberry pie sounds amazing and also the meal for Fathers Day sounds so good. I tried a mango for the first time and I absolutely loved it.  I am starting to get hungry from talking about food. I think that once I go to a different area with different computers that I might be able to send pictures to you. I am not sure when we get the new mission president, but I know that it is really soon. My companion is in the picture of Elder Holland.  He is the second person to the left of me and has glasses. Is Isaac getting his eagle before I got mine? I cannot believe that he is already doing his eagle project. That carnival sounds really fun.  I cannot believe how time is flying by. I am worried that once I can speak Spanish, time will go by even faster.  Maybe I just won't learn Spanish, just kidding.  Don't worry about me.  All is well in Mexico. Talk to you next week.   Love, Elder Cannon

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