Sunday, April 7, 2013

1st Letter Home

Hey Mom and Dad
 I miss you guys and man the MTC is so hard. I really like my companion.  He is a really good guy and he is from Idaho Falls. Wow,  I really love the MTC and I cannot believe how much that I have learned.  My companion is amazing at Spanish. Spanish classes are really hard, but I know that I will eventually get it down.
I have seen so many people that I know at the MTC. I finally saw and met with Daniel Harris. I have seen Michael Turley, Dallin Spackman, Kapri Beus, Kirsten,Justin Pulver, Whitney Nielsen and a lot of people.
 I got your letter.  I cannot wait to hear from you guys every week.   Isaac,  read your scriptures, and if you have to,  get mom to buy you some candy so that you will read them. Jacob,  you are going to love the MTC.  You can get chocolate milk during every meal. I am not going to get fat.  You guys will not have to worry about me getting fat. I have already taught my first lesson in Spanish.  It was so hard and I was definitely humbled. I will talk to you guys next week.  The MTC is really awesome!  I love how much that I get to study, but it is also really hard.
I still have a little bit more time before I have to get off of the computer. Conference was awesome.  I just listened to the 10 am session.  I cannot wait for the next session which starts in an hour.  Tell me all that is going on back home. Talk to you guys in a week, good bye.

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