Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welcome Home

We were very excited to welcome home Elder Cannon.  We were in the wrong terminal at first so we were glad we saw him get off the plane.  There were several missionaries coming home with him, but the person who Ryan sat next to on the plane blocked everyone and said, "He needs to go--he hasn't seen his family in two years."    I guess she didn't realize the others were in the same boat.  Here are some pictures of his homecoming.

1-Saying farewell to his mission president and wife.

2-Here we are at the airport. 

 3-We made some food stops on the way home.  Ryan wanted to eat at Olive Garden.  We also stopped at Krispy Kreme for a fresh, hot doughnut, since that was our last stop with him before dropping him off at the MTC.

4-Here are the welcome home signs we had in the yard. (Those are smiley-face balloons we had staked all over the yard).

 5-He is home!  His homecoming talk was on Mother's Day.  What a great gift having all four of my boys with me that day.  In the evening Ryan sang Michael Buble's "Home" song for me and said, "I'm home."  It was awesome.

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